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Entrepreneurs should quit Instagram

Instagram is dead (and so is Facebook). At least for me.

If it really isn’t dead yet, it should be to you as an entrepreneur.

Give me 5 short minutes to explain.

It’s too hard to succeed on Instagram

They say, social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. It’s said that social media connects you with your customers, boosts your sales and builds brand awareness.

It’s all a lie.

Social media giants, like Instagram and Facebook, may have opened some doors for entrepreneurs before, but now it really isn’t that simple.

Only a few entrepreneurs, who start a new Instagram account, will instantly connect with tons of people and boost their sales.

Instagram can increase audience and some people actually succeed in it in an excellent manner. But that doesn’t mean you will.

People who have success on Instagram are individuals with a unique touch and a unique business, which may differ a lot from yours.

Since Instagram doesn’t work, it could already be buried.

The ugly truth about Instagram

If you don’t believe me, spend a lot of hours to create incredible helpful content that no one else does, follow all the publishing guidelines you’ve found, post it on Instagram and see what happens.

You can be happy if you get a few likes that aren’t from fake accounts. Maybe even a few followers.

I got one follower, a comment and 28 likes (12/28 from non-followers) on my first post in years.

The next post a week later got 13 likes (1/13 from a non-follower) and spammy comments from someone who asked me to follow him (which wouldn’t help neither of us).

Because I keep track of how much time I spend on different things in my work, I know it took 10 hours to create the latter post (plus blog post). It’s A LOT OF TIME and effort for just one post! I had so high hopes.

And if my numbers aren’t telling, look at Suzanne Heyn’s numbers before she quit Instagram: She had 17,000 followers, but her average post reached around 1,500 people, one of the posts reached around 900!

No wonder why you may feel frustrated. It’s so annoying, isn’t it?

We are facing a battle against algorithms, so it’s really hard to find motivation to continue.

Do we actually even need Instagram?

Is Instagram worth hours of work per week, or per day?

In fact, British cosmetics brand Lush, with 651k Instagram followers, quitted social media more than a year ago and haven’t returned.

Screenshot of Slush's Instagram post.
Screenshot. That’s not a Play button 😉

They said, “We are tired of fighting with algorithms, and we do not want to pay to appear in your newsfeed.”

Instagram makes money from your content

It’s a fact that Instagram makes their money from keeping people inside the service. Even the bio links open inside the app, not in a stand-alone web browser.

Because of it, the system is built so that the more you get people engaged to your posts, and thus to use Instagram, the more Instagram gives you visibility and favors you.

This means you need to post, create stories and go live every single day. In addition, you must reply to comments and direct messages right a way and be as social in the service as possible.

Honestly, who has time for that?!

Instagram is a terrible idea for most entrepreneurs

On top of all, the average Instagram content lifespan, that is, the time most posts receive 75% of their total comments, is 48 hours (2,5 hours on Facebook).

A far better way to spend your time is to start a blog.

Your blog posts’ lifespan is years when people find them on Google search or just by visiting your website years later. Blogging is a longterm investment of your time.

Google evaluates the quality of your blog content and bases the ranking (=visibility) of your post on it. Does Instagram evaluate the quality? I don’t think so. It certainly doesn’t seem to work that way.

Instagram vs blogging – Blogging wins!

On your blog you may pin the most important posts or advertise them.

You have more options to build income streams with your blog, such as affiliate marketing, showing ads, writing sponsored posts and of course, selling your own products and services. You have also better control over how well your posts are found over the time.

By writing a blog on your own site, you ensure that the content always stays in your hands. As an Instagram user, you can never be sure about the future of the service.

Therefore, it’s not a good idea to build a business on Instagram or base your brand entirely on third party service.

When you own your platform, you only work for yourself in your own way and on your terms. Instagram users work for Instagram, owned by Facebook, Inc.

It’s pretty clear why I prefer and recommend blogging compared to Instagram.

But that’s not all.

Instagram wants you to pay for more views!

Not even all your followers see all your posts and that’s simply wrong. Because Instagram doesn’t show your posts, it asks you to promote them (applies to business accounts). Same with Facebook. Don’t do it, the results are not worth it.


So, Instagram is just making money from your content. You would have to spend a lot of time to gain followers who are good for your business (never buy followers!).

Prefer to use your time to create good products or services that people talk about. Blog about what you do and help people in your blog.

By studying social media algorithms and tricks, you only become a good social media user and it has little to do with a good and popular product or service.

I chose to spend my time on creating an amazing product kit and then advertise it when I need to. Getting thousands of Instagram followers would cost me way too much time and energy, and many of them wouldn’t even see my posts without paid promoting.

But I’m going to do it as a hobby till then.

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