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It's time to fix your sales.

The best way to get sales

is to say the right things.

Hi, my name is Jani Parikka.
I help entrepreneurs, world-famous artists, influencers and consultants to create true desirability for their brands, and I've done that for over 17 years.

My Brand New eBook

Reveals How To Turn People Into Buyers

With Simple Tactics.

Get dramatically more customers, clients and sales by using 7 Phase Copy.
If you write or design your own marketing, this one is for you.
The reason is, it lets you know exactly what to say in your marketing.

Professional web designer, Entrepreneur,

Digital marketing and branding expert,

Artist and Dream chaser...

That's a whole lot of titles.
And I have also given up the many, so that I can fully concentrate on the most important things to me. One of them is to help other entrepreneurs like you to get successful.
If this site didn't exist, I would be all over the internet. It would be really hard to manage a brand, or multiple brands. But having your own website you can link everything to the same site.
Social media platforms are also not very reliable. I mean, they are good for advertising, but because of the algorithms, it's a constant battle for attention. And that's a waste of time.
More over, a website like this allows you to share information without being restricted by anyone else.

What you really need, is skills to sell

I have noticed in my work constantly, that people find it difficult to write a good marketing content on their websites—or anywhere actually!
This is such a common and embarrassing problem that I wanted to solve it with very clear instructions that allows you to get much more customers and sales.
This eBook is also the first part of a three-part concept which I'm currently working on.
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I'm also known as...

Freeride Jäbä (Dude)
Downhill mountain biker.
Youtube channel
Kelmin Lumo
Visual artist.

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