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How To Get Customers With 5-Step Copy

In this blog post, I’ll tell you how to get more customers by using something I call “5-Step Copy”.

Simply put, this technique makes creating marketing messages much easier, whether it’s an ad, a sales letter, a webinar, or even a simple website or a social post. You can use it almost anywhere and it doesn’t matter what you sell.

These methods are used by the most successful companies and entrepreneurs worldwide so this is not just a theory.

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard

Creating content and advertising doesn’t have to be hard. These five steps are designed to make it easier for you to create content, and drive sales.

As a result,

1. Creating your marketing messages becomes easier. You have a template that allows you to market your products or services.

2. You find out how to get people interested in your case.

3. Chances of success in your marketing will increase significantly.

Now, you probably value your time just like me, so let’s get to it.

What is 5-Step Copy

5-Step Copy is a pretty simple message structure that is especially good as a sales letter template, but you can also use this to entice people to consume any content.

Basically this is all about copywriting. Its purpose is to turn customer prospects into customers as effectively as possible.

Of course you can just write anything and it can still interest people. But with some optimization and using certain techniques, you will get much better results.

Use these 5 key steps to make people buy

Aim for better results by using these five key steps.

Here they are.

Splatter number 1

1. Get people’s attention with a headline.

Headline is super important part of the message.

The job of a good headline is to capture people’s curiosity to get them to consume the message.

There’re many headline types you can use. For example a mystery and a bold statement. So, for example, you can create interest in your post by making a headline that provokes questions. But avoid being too click bait.

You can find more attention grabbing headline types in my eBook, Skilled In Copywriting.

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2. Build credibility

Build your credibility by giving people a reason why you should be listened to.

The obvious way to do this is to use titles, career background and testimonials.

However, it’s not just about putting yourself on a pedestal. The best way to build credibility, is to actually help people before they become customers.

Splatter number 3

3. Show an undeniable proof that you can help.

Not only will you gain more credit by helping people, but it will also show that you can help them.

Again, testimonials are another way to proof your worth to them. They are telling, that “Other people— just like you—have found this stuff helpful”.

Splatter number 4

4. Make an offer, which can’t be bypassed.

You could write the most amazing copy, but if the offer is not good enough, it won’t sell. When you manage to create an irresistible offer, the sale takes place with relatively little effort.

At this point you need to tell exactly what the product or service is which you are offering.

You have to tell what it costs, but you also have to justify its value so that the price doesn’t feel too expensive.

Splatter number 5

5. Use a P.S. or Conclusion to get page skimmers to read the article.

Many scroll down the post to see if it’s worth reading. Write P.S. or Conclusion, and in it try to get people to read the full article.

So, there you have it. It’s likely that you’ll attract more sales and interest in your case when you use these steps.

I explain all these steps in more detail in my eBook, Skilled In Copywriting. Check it out. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

If you need tips on how to write quality blog posts, download my free guide The Building Blocks For Writing Attractive Blog Content.

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