How to master selling with 5-Step Copy

These tactics are typical to extremely successful businesses.

Dear Business Owner,

If you’d like to dramatically increase your sales while effortlessly generating influence—regardless of your industry, there’s good news in this page.

Or if you want to know exactly what to say in your marketing, you found it.

But before I tell you all about it, let me be clear on one thing.


This is for serious entrepreneurs. This isn’t for those who want to get rich quick by doing nothing. I just want you to know that not everyone, who follows my instructions, is going to get successful in any way. I can’t guarantee that.

So with that understood let’s get down to business…

What is 5-Step Copy?

I have helped entrepreneurs, world-famous artists, influencers and consultants to create true desirability for their brands for over 17 years.

During these years I’ve seen how much people struggle to write sales texts and compelling web content.

That’s why I decided to create this formula which I like to call “5-Step Copy”. It shows you exactly how to create marketing messages that actually sell.

This is how it works

If you told me that you had a solution which helps A LOT in my marketing, I’d say “Please, tell me more about it!”. I would definitely want to know how and why it works. And that’s what I’m going to explain now.

So, let me tell you why this works so well, and how people are able to scale their businesses to the next level by using a pretty simple message structure.

Look, there are plenty of reasons why people don’t buy. Here are three of them.

  1. You are not trusted. — People like to buy from people they trust and like.
  2. They are not impressed. — Your sales content isn’t converting.
  3. They question the price. — The true value of you or your product is misunderstood.

Honestly, only a small percentage of entrepreneurs know how to write the way it actually creates sales, and yet this is all the things it takes to make a business work.

You don’t even have to be a professional at writing sales messages. Not at all! But of course, the better your skills get, the more likely you are to earn more.

By all means, if you want great results, you will need to know these things. On the other hand, if you don’t know any of this you are going to be stuck guessing…

This is a very common problem, by the way, because these things just aren’t taught to entrepreneurs.

I struggled for years as an entrepreneur before I finally decided to change it.

I did a lot of research and came up with a new easy to understand masterplan, which I’m just about to tell you.

Why is there a problem?

Now, you probably value your time just like me, so let’s get to it. Here’s what the problem is.

Knowing how to convince people to buy is hard. We all know that.

It’s hard because

  1. You need to know how to get them to trust you (a huge problem online).
  2. You need to know how to convince them that you have the right solution to their problem.
  3. You need to know how to justify your price in a way that they would be happy to pay, even more.

This is exactly what 5-Step Copy fixes.

When you start using it, you don’t have to deal with these problems ever again.

The most successful companies and entrepreneurs worldwide know these things. And they make great use of them.

Here it is.

Use these 5 key steps to make people buy

To make people buy, or take action, you should use certain tactics. You can use the same tactics, not only in ads, but also on sales pages, blog posts, videos, webinars, podcasts, print, social posts, and so on. This is also good for making the content more interesting.

Aim for better results by using this 5-Step Copy, a sales letter, or whatever you’d like to call it.

5-Step Copy consists of the following key steps.

1. Get people’s attention with a headline. Capture their curiosity to get them to consume the message.

2. Build credibility by giving them a reason why you should be listened to.

3. Show an undeniable proof that you can help.

4. Make an offer, which can’t be bypassed.

5. Use a P.S. or Conclusion to get page skimmers to read the article.

You attract more sales when you use these steps.

Everything becomes easier.

What this means is, you now have a tool to create the most converting marketing messages.

Now, all of this works, but if you really want to step on the gas, honestly, there’s so much more! This is just a wireframe model compared to all the detailed advice you can have.

I’ve written an entire guide on how to write marketing that sells. It’s an eBook and its called Skilled in Copywriting.

Skilled in copywriting eBook mockup.

Skilled in copywriting details exactly what you need to say at each step, and why.

And it’s easy to read!

By saying easy, I really mean SUPER EASY. People in the marketing industry often use professional jargon that no one else understands. By doing so they want to sound more important and competent.

There is no such thing at all in this guide.

And there’s no extra filling either, so you can read it in a matter of hours. Or read it several times, if you want.

Its 67 pages are intentionally very concise. So even busy entrepreneurs can quickly gain an understanding of everything essential.

If you jump into it now, you can start using the best tactics tomorrow to get more sales.

Look, I hate to see how good entrepreneurs struggle with their marketing, because they don’t know what to say. And as a result, they are low in sales.

However, this is easy to fix. By understanding how to influence your customer prospects to make a buying decision, sales will increase, obviously.

Marketing becomes easier and money is saved as the marketing becomes more effective.

Here’s how this eBook helps you and your business.

  • You understand how marketing really works.
  • All your communication will improve, which is likely to create more relationships and sales.
  • You know all the best tactics that influence people to make a purchasing decision.
  • You know how to avoid some bad marketing mistakes.
  • You can write marketing messages yourself. That saves you money.
  • You can take more responsibility of your communication if you want.

Those are the big benefits you get from this eBook.

You will exponentially improve your chances of succeeding in sales by knowing these tactics you’ll find in this eBook.

Tactics like…

How to get people’s attention with a headline

This is possibly the most important part of all your communication. You need to get people listening. You’ll get four of the most powerful headline types + 4 bonus types.

But that’s just one thing among others. You’ll also discover…

  • Four steps on how to get someone from being uncertain to certain. With an example.
  • How to find out who your ideal customer is.
  • What you need to find out about your customers.
  • How to find out your strengths.
  • Simple ways to make the sales letter look inviting, without images.

You should know that

People will scan through your content before they read any of it. Learn to use this to your advantage. It’s all explained in the eBook.

Plus, you’ll also find out…

  • Why counterarguments work so well and how to make them.
  • How to get an authority status and build brand credibility in your message to earn trust. These things may even allow for a price increase. That is, more profit for you.
  • Everything you need to know about testimonials to make more use of them. You should not make a mistake at this point.
  • Learn how to make people feel relatable with you to create a bond.
  • Selling is partly a matter of removing your prospect’s doubts. Find out how to overcome your prospect’s doubts AND excuses.
  • Find out a nice tip how to create a desire to buy.
  • Offer dos and don’ts. Really important! You need to have a good offer.
  • How using logic benefits sales.
  • Gain of buying vs. pain of not buying explained. A very useful tactic.
  • Describing the capabilities of your product or service is an effective way to increase your sales. This is explained precisely in the eBook.
  • Encourage buying by building up the sense of value in the product, service and brand. Use one of the two tactics explained in the eBook to justify the value.
  • And find out two simple ways to create a pressure to buy now.

If you could get all this information in a format that makes it very easy to learn, what would it be worth to you?

If you harness these tactics for use, you can benefit from them indefinitely.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your sales, dramatically

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Think about your business a year from now. Can you imagine what all of this may mean for your business?

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Thank you for reading this whole page. I hope you start using these tactics to your advantage as soon as possible.