Inspire To Buy By Providing Value

Inspire to buy by providing value

How can you prove that customers have found what they need? Help them. They perceive it as value.

When you provide value to customers, they will be inspired and thus more likely to buy.

A person who leaves without buying may believe that the product or service can’t help them.

It’s the seller’s job to convince the customer that the product or service would help and it’s the best solution to the customer’s problem.

Help to move forward in their problem

In my blog post, “How To Get Customers With 5-Step Copy“, I say in Step 3 that “you get more credit by helping people”. Helping your customers move forward to solve their problem will make them understand that you are helpful.

Everything you do for your customers before they buy anything from you is your resource, as it drives customers towards the purchase decision. So, offer value.

When you want people to trust your ability to deliver results, you can show them a parade of testimonials, rankings and experience.

But there’s a better way.

You don’t have to convince people to give you money if you can get them results BEFORE you ask for money.

Less expensive way to market

Imagine that you should only get customers through ads. How many ads do you need to show before you get someone to pay?

What if you could prove the power of your brand before asking them to pay? After that, advertising becomes easy. Your brand is trusted, valued, and for them it’s easier to turn into a paying customer.

Here’s an example.

A restaurant in my hometown wanted to offer us free glasses of sparkling wine. While enjoying it, the staff chatted with us.

The restaurant didn’t have to advertise us their menu or persuade us to make a table reservation at a place we were unfamiliar with. We went there for free glasses and now we know what that place is all about. The ice has been broken.

Now we know how good the service is. And we got to know the staff on a personal level. Would you be able to do all that with just the ads? How many ads would be needed?

Share helpful content

To increase trust in you, and thus laying a solid foundation to sell, you could share some useful content.

Take webinars, for example. Webinars tend to attract people who need the kind of information they share. Obviously. Usually the seller first shares some potentially valuable information and then starts a sales pitch about a product or service that helps with this matter.

Basicly the tactic is to share valuable information, and then sell a product or service that will help implement it.

A construction company, for example, could explain what it costs to build a house and help with construction issues by sharing information on their website. That way, it attracts those who are interested in building a house to visit the website, and then the company can offer them some kind of a package or a prefabricated home that makes building a house easier.

By sharing information you become a mentor. It’s far better than an unknown salesperson just trying to turn the customer’s head.


Make a positive impact in someone’s life. It’s likely that it will pay back.

Provide valuable content to your prospects and customers for free. Help them to move closer to their desired outcome. It shows that you have power to help them.

By delivering results in advance their desire to buy from you increases as does your credibility.

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