Skilled In Copywriting: How Any Business Can Create Powerful Content To Get More Customers

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If you want to know what to say in marketing to increase your sales, this eBook is for you.

Regardless of your industry, Skilled In Copywriting shows exactly how to create powerful marketing messages.

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Skilled In Copywriting is
A Guide To Marketing Products And Services

Here’s how this guide helps you.

Avoid mistakes

You know how to avoid some of the worst marketing mistakes.

Save money

Don’t waste money on marketing that doesn’t work! Plus, you can write marketing messages yourself. That saves you money.

This is how it works

Hi, I’m Jani Parikka.

I have noticed in my work as web designer, that nearly all entrepreneurs find it difficult to write content that actually sells. The problem persists whether it was advertisements, websites, posts on social media, brochures or videos…

The lack of this knowledge causes three major problems.

1. Potential sales and customers are lost.

2. Money is wasted on wrong kind of marketing.

3. Writing content is painful and slow.

What you can do about it

Creating content and advertising doesn’t have to be hard. It’s actually a pretty simple message structure.

You don’t have to be a professional writer. Not at all! But of course, the better your skills get, the more likely you are to earn more.

In the matter of fact, you don’t need any books to start selling. You can guess what works along the way. However, if you want better results faster, you will need to know these things.

All it takes to convince people to buy

1. Get them to trust you (a huge problem online).

2. Convince them that you have the right solution to their problem.

3. Justify your price in a way that they would be happy to pay.

Here are the key steps I teach precisely in this eBook.

Get people’s attention with a headline. Capture their curiosity to get them to consume the message.

Build credibility by giving them a reason why you should be listened to.

Show an undeniable proof that you can help.

Make an offer, which can’t be bypassed.

Use a P.S. or Conclusion to get page skimmers to read the article.

Look, I hate to see how good entrepreneurs struggle with their marketing, because they don’t know what to say. And as a result, they are low in sales.

If you get all this info now, you can start using the best tactics tomorrow to get more sales.

So, what’s inside this eBook

In this eBook you’ll find tactics like…

How to get people’s attention with a headline

This is possibly the most important part of all your communication. You need to get people listening!

You’ll get four of the most powerful headline types well explained + 4 bonus types.

You’ll also discover…

  • Four steps on how to get someone from being uncertain to certain. With an example.
  • How to find out who your ideal customer is.
  • What you need to find out about your customers.
  • How to find out your strengths.
  • Simple ways to make the sales letter look inviting, without images.

You should know that

People will scan through your content before they read any of it. (Lol, did you just stop scrolling? :D)

Learn to use this to your advantage. It’s all explained in the eBook.

Plus, you’ll also find out…

  • Why counterarguments work so well and how to make them.
  • How to get an authority status and build brand credibility in your message to earn trust. These things may even allow for a price increase. That is, more profit for you.
  • Everything you need to know about testimonials to make more use of them. You should not make a mistake at this point.
  • Learn how to make people feel relatable with you to create a bond.
  • Selling is partly a matter of removing your prospect’s doubts. Find out how to overcome your prospect’s doubts AND excuses.
  • Find out a nice little tip how to create a desire to buy.
  • Offer dos and don’ts. Really important! You need to have a good offer.
  • How using logic benefits sales.
  • Gain of buying vs. pain of not buying explained. A very, very useful tactic.
  • Describing the capabilities of your product or service is an effective way to increase sales. This is explained precisely in the eBook.
  • Wait until you get to my favorite part: Result-driven benefits!
  • Encourage buying by building up the sense of value in the product, service and brand. Use one of the two tactics to justify the value.
  • And find out two simple ways to create a pressure to buy now.

If you could get all this information in a format that makes it very easy to learn, what would it be worth to you?

Learning this skill helps you get to the next level. Even if you use only a small part of this information, it has a great potential to help you. And you can benefit from these tactics almost indefinitely.

Take action now!

Aim for better results and get an access to these awesome tactics right away.

You will get top-notch marketing information that you can use to your advantage for a long time to come.

This eBook costs 19,90 euros (+ VAT 10% without EU VAT number). It’s a one-time fee. You’ll receive it immediately after payment as a PDF download.

I actually think the price should be much higher, because with this guide, you will learn to gain trust and convince customers that you are the one to buy from. That’s a huge advantage for you.

If you have any problems with sales, 19,90 euros is nothing compared to how much this eBook can help you.

Honestly, you don’t need a two thousand dollar course to learn how to sell. All the information you need is in this guide.

This is a unique opportunity, so buy your copy now.

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Think about your business a year from now. Can you imagine what all of this may mean for your business?

If you start implementing all this advice today, what it would be like to do business when customers make a buying decision more often and more easily?

Thank you for reading this whole page. I hope you start using these tactics to your advantage as soon as possible.