A silhuette of me watching the sunset by the lake.

The question is not whether you are an introvert or an extrovert or whatever

I’ve been thinking which one I am: an introvert or an extrovert. I don’t really know.

I have some characteristics of an introvert. For example, I love to work from home and enjoy being able to work without distractions.

I enjoy being in my own peace, walking alone in the city, parks and woods, or watching the sunsets.

Close up selfie of sunglasses reflecting a lake during sunset.

One of the most enjoyable things is to walk in the park in the rain, listening to chill-out music through headphones, being sure that no one will come out and ask for a cigarette — and I don’t even smoke. Drumming rain on the hooded jacket or umbrella creates own space. It feels great to be completely in own bubble.

However, often I feel the need to go to the store and meet some people. Whoever the cashier happens to be at the time.

I’m chatty when I meet new people, it’s fun to meet them, but still I have only a few good friends.

It’s said that an ambivert is someone who has a balance of introvert and extrovert features in their personality. It kind of sounds like me, but maybe I am, however, somewhat an introvert. I may want to run away from even a small group for a while, even if I would otherwise feel comfortable in that company.

I don’t think that labeling yourself gives you much advantage. However, I think it’s important to identify your characteristics and understand that they are normal. There are other people behaving in the same way.

If you compare your behavior to other people, you may easily start to feel being worse or weird. By thinking of yourself as inadequate you would only lower your self-confidence. It’s easy to start blaming yourself.

Moreover, when you give yourself a label — you let it define you and guide your behavior.

The question is not whether you are an introvert or an extrovert or whatever. It’s about identifying yourself as normal. And when you understand yourself well enough, you may use these qualities to your advantage.

I encourage you to explore yourself and accept your own personality traits. Whether you know labels for them or not, you are great just the way you are.

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