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It’s time to fix your sales.

My name is Jani Parikka.
I have helped entrepreneurs, world-famous artists, influencers and consultants create true desirability for their brands for over 17 years.

I’ve worked with Jani for years. Thanks to his solid experience and his multidisciplinary vision, our cooperation has always been easy and flexible. I really like to recommend Jani Parikka.

Jiri Geller, sculptor

Do you have trouble with selling?

There are plenty of reasons why people don’t buy.

Here are three of them.

These are the most important factors that likely affect your financial success.

They question the price.
The true value of you or your product is misunderstood.

They are not impressed.
Your sales texts aren’t converting.

They are confused.
Your website is not designed to boost sales.

Or in the worst-case scenario, you are not trusted.

During over 17 years in web design industry (+ studies), I’ve seen how much entrepreneurs struggle to write sales texts and compelling web content.

It’s almost impossible to write converting sales texts without learning this highly important skill. And trial and error method takes months or even years to find what works.

When I started my first business I knew nothing about high-converting sales pages.

I had no idea how to show my true worth and build trust with my prospects.

The good news is, all these flaws are EASY to fix.

I struggled for years as an entrepreneur before I finally decided to change it. So, I just did the research and came up with a new masterplan.

You don’t have to be a professional at writing sales texts. But the better your skills get, the more likely you are to earn!

Only a small percent of entrepreneurs know how to copywrite, influence and design their websites and brands the way it actually creates sales, and yet this is all the things it takes to make a business work.

Oh, and what I meant by saying that you might not be trusted?

It’s hard for people to trust you if they don’t know you. People buy from people they know and trust.

This is why you should personalize the online experience you provide. Corporate type of branding is seen as less trustworthy so try to be personal in your marketing.

The best way to build trust is to help people first. Give value to your potential customers. Be authentic and sincere and help people. Bring them closer to their goals for free. They start to like you which makes selling easy.

You could dominate your market because your competitors don’t understand any of this!

Having this skillset will save you so much time that would otherwise go into guessing what sells. Not to mention the money you’ll never see until you know how to sell.

Maybe you are not doomed, but if you want much better results, you will need to know these things. On the other hand, if you don’t know any of this you are going to be stuck guessing…

I want to help you get started so I wrote you a FREE guide.

Break through the ceiling eBook mockup


Break Through The Ceiling

8 Crucial Steps To Reach Financial Freedom

Break Through The Ceiling is a guide to attracting customers for massive success.

Here’s how it helps you and your business.

  • Learn how to attract customers and stay happy. (Step 1)
  • Discover just ONE tactic for nearly effortless influence over people. And people will like you when you do this. (Step 1)
  • You should produce all your content to a specific group of people. Here’s why. (Step 3)
  • Want to know how to identify your perfect customers, the RIGHT way? You just don’t make such a thing out of nowhere. (Step 3)
  • Step 3 also reveals why anyone’s opinion about you doesn’t even matter.
  • Find out what customer data you need to make it an easy sale. And how you find it. (Step 3)
  • Number one thing to concider when you are creating an interesting website. (Step 4)
  • Hate selling? It’s totally OK. (Step 4)
  • The best way to protect your brand from any catastrophic changes in social media platforms. (Step 4)
  • Number one skill to sell a lot of your products or services. (Step 5)
  • Don’t mind about your testimonials, rankings and experience. There’s a better way to gain trust. (Step 6)
  • This powerful way to gain trust is also less expensive than ads. (Step 6)
  • By fixing these three things you may multiply your income. (Step 7)
  • Ever wondered how long your ad should be? Learn when long and short ads work better. (Step 7)
  • When it comes to success, there’s a danger that you’ll lose everything. Here’s how to avoid that. (Step 8)

Like I said earlier, you don’t have to be a professional in selling to have success. Just follow these high value tactics to sustainable profits.

Life is supposed to be fun!

Life is fun when you are free to do what you want and what feels good to you.

When you are excited about your business, you can grow it easily by taking control of a few basic things.

And the more skilled you get in time the more money you’re going to make.

Of course you are still going to have some struggle and you have to make adjustments to your business. But you’re consistently going to get better and better. As a result, you’ll earn more and easier.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page. I hope you take action and start living your ideal life NOW!

P.S. In case you skipped to the end of the page, here’s the deal.

I’m giving you an 8 step guide that helps you get started in successful internet marketing.

The eBook is totally free!

Click the button below to download “Break Through The Ceiling — 8 Crucial Steps To Reach Financial Freedom” eBook for free of charge.

I assume you already know how to design good products and services.
I’m not implying you will succeed by using any of the information or products I share and sell. There are many reasons for varying results, and they will vary, including, but not limited to, your experience, background and how much work you are willing to do. My information or products won’t do anything for you alone. You must also have, among many other things, a good and clear plan, tools and resources in place.