Who is Jani Parikka?

Hi there!

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I’m Jani Parikka, a professional web and graphic designer in Finland.

By creating websites and advertisements I’ve helped a wide range of businesses, world-famous artists, influencers and consultants to create true desirability for their brands for over 17 years.

Create better marketing

I’ve seen too many times how difficult it is for entrepreneurs to write their marketing.

Even writing content for a fairly simple website can be difficult for many, as their skills may be somewhere other than in written expression.

It is common for entrepreneurs not to know what they should say about their products in order to appeal to people as effectively as possible.

If it’s not done properly, it may cause problems for a business.

There are ways to make marketing easier

Back then, when I started as an entrepreneur doing mostly web design, I just didn’t know how to make sales. This was a huge problem and almost brought down my company.

Sometimes selling feels hard and awkward, because not all of us are born as salesmen.

But marketing is not that difficult, actually, if you just know how to do it.

—Right, I know that sounds self-evident.

Just like saying that skating isn’t hard. If you know how to skate.

But, you become a good skateboarder with hard training, while marketing can be learned using the right tools and the right kind of guides.

In my opinion, being an entrepreneur should be pleasant. And certainly, any sales problems shouldn’t interfere with what you actually like to do the most.

You can always do better

I now know a lot about marketing and web design.

I got an idea that all the knowledge I had learned in schools, different jobs, and during my entrepreneurship is sure to help many others. If I share it, people don’t have to experience the same problems as me to get to this point.

That’s why I decided to create a comprehensive package of information how to attract more sales as easy as possible.

The first part is ready and it’s called Skilled in copywriting. It’s an eBook and it details exactly what you need to say in your marketing messages at each step, and why.

It’s super easy to read!

Here’s a link to it: Skilled in copywriting. It has a 14 day 100% money back guarantee!

Improve your sales significantly

I’ll teach you how to improve your sales significantly and make your marketing communication easier.

Click the button below to get the book. It shows exactly how to fix a problem with marketing.

That’s all. Fortunately, this common and annoying problem is easy to fix!

See you there.