Why I deleted 111 posts (92,5%) on Instagram

I recently deleted 111 posts from Instagram. That’s 92,5% of all my posts on my account @jani.parikka.

There were many reasons for this, but the biggest was that my profile looked anything but digital marketing professional’s profile.

There were no reason why anyone would want to follow an expert whose pictures were about gardening.

Here’re 4 common branding mistakes on Instagram that you should avoid.

Inconsistent content

Being consistent is vital to branding. If you’re not consistent, your message may be confusing.

Have a clear digital marketing strategy.

Are your brand values up to date? Are you delivering your brand promise consistently?

Stuck in the past

Being consistent doesn’t mean that you can’t evolve.

Every morning you are a changed person. Changed by the experiences you’ve had.

Have you taken a step forward to start living life with passion and purpose?


Marketing is not about you.

I just used Instagram to document my free time. But good marketing is not about who we are or what we do. It’s about clients, customers, and potential buyers.

Do you speak about yourself? Or the problems your customers might have?

Targeting everyone, reaching no one.

When you specialize and develope mastery of a specific skill, you become more attractive to many clients who are looking for that skill.

Good branding is about being an expert in a particular field.

Do you have a specific target audience?

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